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(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP, "EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND") PATRICIA HEATON, ACTRESS: Did you ever think of hugging me, you jerk? And, at that time, I was directing a play and I didn't have any time. RAY ROMANO, ACTOR: Well, it is pretty hard to hug someone who is trying to kill you. They said I had an appointment at CBS at on a Monday.

’ Scott laughed and said, ‘You just signed up for being here till in the morning.’ “ At the end of the episode, Joe hears from Owen about his wife’s “new guy,” and Owen urges him to fight for the relationship “110 percent.” “Joe stops and says, ‘110 percent is not a real thing.’ It’s his way of calming himself down,” says Royce.Ray Romano’s daughter made several appearances on her father’s sitcom, Everybody Loves Raymond, and lent her voice to Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012).Matt and Gregory Roman did some voice acting in 2006’s Ice Age: The Meltdown.(END VIDEO CLIP) LARRY KING, HOST: Tonight, "Everybody Loves Raymond." But what do they really know about him and his TV family? ROMANO: He's one of our producers, Worldwide Pants, HBO and CBS. From the top-rated sitcom, Ray Romano; Emmy winner Patricia Heaton who plays his wife; his TV mom, stage, screen and serious actress Doris Roberts; his TV dad, the remarkable Peter Boyle -- did you know he used to be a monk -- and the big man on the show, Ray's TV brother Brad Garrett. They're next with lots of laughs on LARRY KING LIVE.

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co-star Sawyer Sweeten, who has tragically killed himself aged just 19.

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